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It's been such a long time, I know, but if there is anyone still wanting to make a request feel free! I'd love to see what I could make of it ;)

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(Multi-chapter) Trouble! - Chapter 1 - Home!
Tanaka Koki
Title: Trouble – Chapter 1 – Home

Pairing: Happy/OC (later on Kozik/OC)

Summary: Lily Trager returns to Charming and her brother after four years in L.A, only to find that she might have changed during her time away. And what happens when someone she didn't expect comes after her, jeopardizing her relationship

with her brother?

A/N: This doesn't really follow the series... At all. But just for everyone's attention: I love Half-Sack and he will be very much alive in this fic!


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Greetings to all who still patiently wait for me to update and write my stories. Haven't heard from you (it's mutual I guess) in a while and there might be really good reasons but now I would really like your help!

You see, the reason that I haven't posted anything in weeks is because BOTH of my computors broke and are now undergoing repairs. Hopefully they will both survive seeing as my ENTIRE fic-writing life is in those things!

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[Fanfic] The Shadow and the Knight
Tanaka Koki

Title: The Shadow and the Knight
Fandom: Rookies
Pairing: Aniya Keiichi/Yagi Touko
Rating: PG-13
Genre: Romance, drama
Length: 3214 words
Disclaimer: I love my characters but unless I can get one of them for Christmas this year, I don't own any of them.
”You can't have a light without a dark to stick it in.” - Arlo Guthrie (1947- )
A/N: My first Rookies-fic, be gentle with me ;)
"I'm here now, nothing can hurt you." This time his words were nothing but a mere mumble and before he could stop himself he had pressed a kiss against her tear-striped cheek.Collapse )

My new updated fic-list!
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Tanaka Koki/OC, other pairings in the future


When will tomorrow be today? - Ongoing


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Nishikido Ryo/Ueda Tatsuya, Akanishi Jin/Ueda Tatsuya, Ueda Tatsuya/OC


What am I to you? - Completed


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Nishikido Ryo/Ueda Tatsuya, other pairings in the later chapters


Where shadows reign – Completed


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Sato Takeru/OC, Narimiya Hiroki/OC


More than friendship – Completed


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Nishikido Ryo/Ueda Tatsuya, Akanishi Jin/Ueda Tatsuya

(Ueda Tatsuya = girl)


Fight 'til you drop – Completed


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Epilogue to Fight 'til you drop: May I have this first dance with you?

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Akanishi Jin/OC, Tanaka Koki/OC


Not quite as planned – Completed


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Akanishi Jin/OC


I think I could fall badly in bed with you


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Aniya Keiichi/Yagi Touko

ROOKIES-fandom: The Shadow and the Knight

Tanaka Koki/OC



A long awaited night

(Gokusen) Kazama Ren/OC



The start of something new

Nishikido Ryo/Ueda Tatsuya



The princess and the wolf in sheep-clothing

Nishikido Ryo/Ueda Tatsuya



Sequel to The princess and the wolf in sheep-clothing: Do you want to?

Tanaka Koki/Nakamaru Yuuichi, other KAT-TUN pairings

(3/6 of KAT-TUN = girls)




Tanaka Koki/OC



Sooner rather than later

Tanaka Koki/OC



Is it too late to go back to what we had?


Tanaka Koki/You



16 hour privacy

Miura Haruma/Sato Takeru



Love is not tied by the laws of time

Unspecified OC



[Multi-chapter] When will tomorrow be today? Chapter 5/?
Tanaka Koki

Title: When will tomorrow be today? Chapter 5/?
Pairing: None in this chapter
Rating: Safe
Genre: Romance, drama, fluff
Length: 3184 words
Disclaimer: I love JE-boys but unless I can get one of them for Christmas this year, I don't own any of them.
Summary: Yuri and Koki - A couple that stayed together for four years, but due to a sudden change in feelings Yuri found herself alone with her still unborn baby. Thankfully she has her best friend Hayato to support her all the way but is she really going to let such a little life slip through her fingers?

A/N: This was actually written during my summer-job, I had about four hours of waiting around before I could start work so I got my act together and wrote this chapter. Hope you like it <3
~An awkward silence filled the room as Yuri stared at the man as if he had just announced he was marrying his dachshund Belle.Collapse )

[Fanfic] Fight 'til you drop ..... Chapter 9
Tanaka Koki

Title: Fight 'til you drop. Chapter 9
Pairing: Ryoda
Rating: AU, NC-17
Genre: Drama
Disclaimer: I wish I could say I owned them *wipes tears*
Summary: Ueda has started as a dancer with the group NEWS and when she thought life couldn't get any better she meets Nishikido Ryo. They get of to a bad start but Ryo soon finds her weakness and he plans to take advantage of it. Whatever the cost.
A/N: In this fic Ueda appears as a girl, just for your information ;)




The big clock on the wall had just turned 8 pm and Tatsuya was sitting in the bar with her friends around her, all with saddened looks on their faces. She was only drinking water even though she was longing for a bottle of scotch to drown her sorrows in but she had to keep the baby in mind and maybe it was best for her to deal with her feelings instead of running away from them, she heard her self think the words and it gave her chills down her spine when she thought how much she sounded like a psychologist.

“Uebo...” Taguchi asked her carefully as if being afraid of disturbing her. “....I'm sorry.”

Tatsuya looked at him with tired eyes and slowly shook her head.

“No, Junno, don't be. If anyone should be sorry it's Ryo.” She didn't really want to admit it to herself but realized that Ryo had been cheating on her for a little less than half the time they had been together. After about a month together he had started acting strange, he had been grumpy and his bullying had started again: it hadn't been sex-related like last time but it was more of calling her names and pointing out every mistake she did. It had hurt whenever he called her names but she had convinced herself that he did it for loving her, just like when they first met, so she had not told anyone about it.

But lately he hadn't allowed her to get close to him and the fact that he didn't let her be a part of his life had inflicted more pain than the name-calling ever could.


A tear fell down her cheek and she quickly wiped it away but the guys had already seen it.

“Tatsuya.” Sousuke took her hand that was resting on the counter next to the half-filled glass of water and placed it on her stomach. “Remember this little guy? Even if he doesn't have a father right now he will still have a lot of uncles, right?” He smiled at her and she felt really grateful for having such great friends.

“Yeah.” She wiped away another tear that had escaped her eye. “I guess Jin was right after all.” She then said with a I'm-feeling-better-now smile and looked at the man she had just mentioned.

“Actually...” He said hesitantly as if he wasn't sure of what to say to his fragile friend. “It was your grandmother who told me about Ryo.” Tatsuya's eyes went wide.

“What?” She couldn't believe what he had just said.

“Yeah, she was worried about you and when I said that you didn't want to see her she looked like she would start to cry. Anyway, she said she didn't wish for you to be heartbroken over a jerk like him.”

Tatsuya didn't know how to react, had the crow of a grandmother defended her from being hurt?

“But that doesn't make any sense, why would she do that?” She looked at Jin with a confused look but the man just shrugged at her question.

“I think you'll have to ask her to find out.” He simply said with the hint of a smile on his pretty face.

Well... I suppose one visit wouldn't kill me.” She said hesitantly and turned to Kame. “Could I borrow you car?” She bashed her eyelashes at her friend who, after an amused sigh, started searching his pockets for the keys to his Mercedes.


It took Tatsuya about 20 minutes to reach the mansion that used to be her home, the big iron gates opened themselves welcomely but she still felt an uncomfortable feeling being back after three long years.

She took a deep breath before ringing the doorbell in order to calm her heart down that was beating faster than usual, she had been through a lot today and was hoping not to start anything by coming by this late.

The door squeaked a little when one of the maids, Mari-chan, opened it and her eyes went wide when she saw who had been ringing the doorbell.

“Ueda-sama... I will tell the mistress that you have arrived.” Mari rushed up the stairs and disappeared into one of the long corridors.

Tatsuya looked around and smiled a sad smile when she saw that nothing had changed since the last time she had been there: the walls still had the same paintings, the beautiful chandelier in the ceiling still gave the big hall a warm, pleasant feeling. But the thing that really caught her eye was the big portrait of her parents above the staircase: they sat next to each other, holding hands with the biggest smiles ever. Her mother's hair was long and jet-black while her father's was short and blond. One pair of sincere, blue eyes matching perfectly with the pair of dark, mysterious ones. Her mother and father matched each other perfectly and it almost brought tears to her eyes when Tatsuya saw them smiling at her, but she blinked them away as soon as she heard someone coming down the stairs. She stood up straight and found herself looking straight into her grandmother's eyes.

“Tatsuya.... What brings you here?” Kumiko asked her granddaughter, not caring if her voice gave away how surprised she was.

“I.... Jin told me you came to see me today....” Why was it so hard to find the right words? “...And I just want to say... Thank you.” Kumiko looked at her in surprise before she smiled at her with a real, genuine smile. One that Tatsuya hadn't seen for so long.

“You're welcome, dear. So... did you go to see him?” She asked when Tatsuya smiled an innocent smile towards her.

Tatsuya took a deep breath. Telling her was the right thing to do, right?

“Yes... and you were right. He was seeing someone else so I broke up with him.”

I see. I'm sorry you were hurt but maybe it was for the best, you deserve so much better.” Tatsuya could for once hear her grandmother's feelings in her voice and they told her that she really meant what she was saying. But she had to be really tired to let her emotions shine through her voice, maybe she had been working too much lately. “I was just about to have a cup of tea, would you like to join me?” “It's now or never.” Kumiko thought to herself, she would never get an opportunity like this again.

“Well, I suppose I could stay for a little while.” Her answer made her grandmother's face shine and she felt a small, pleasant feeling spreading in her chest when she saw it.

They walked in to the big livingroom on the first floor where a teapot, two cups and a little bowl with crackers were on a tray on the small table between the two beige armchairs in front of the open fireplace.

“Please, darling. Sit down.” Kumiko gestured to her granddaughter to sit down in the chair next to her and poured up a cup of hot tea which she placed in front of Tatsuya who took the cup in her hands and took a sip. With a low whimper she realized that the tea was way too hot to drink yet and she looked up when she heard a small chuckle next to her. There was Ueda Kumiko, her coldhearted grandmother, with a hand over her mouth to stop her smile from offending Tatsuya.

“What?” Tatsuya couldn't help but feeling a little hurt seeing Kumiko laugh at her.

“I'm sorry, Tatsuya, but it's been so long since I saw that unguarded face of yours.” Tatsuya shivered when being called by her firstname, she was still not used to having her grandmother calling her that but unlike last time she spoke to her in a soft, warm voice that reminded her an awful lot of how things used to be before her parents death.

They sat that way for about ten minutes without really talking about anything but the pleasant feeling in Tatsuya's heart had not disappeared like she had expected it to, it had instead grown and it was now warming her more than the hot tea did.

“Tatsuya, I have to ask you something...” Kumiko draw a deep breath. “I need to know... Do you hate me?”

The unexpected question caught Tatsuya off guard and she didn't really know what she should answer. Did she really hate her grandmother or was she just projecting her anger and sadness on her? “Oh my God! I'm starting to think like a psychologist and that's never good!”

“I... I'm not sure I do. Maybe I've just been afraid of my feelings after mom and dad died and I chose to take it out on you.”

“Oh, I see.” Kumiko relaxed at her granddaughter's answer and she felt herself smile a big smile, the kind of smile she hadn't allowed herself to show in so long. “Because no matter how I have treated you I love you of all my heart and I would hate for us not to be able to talk to each other.”

Tatsuya felt a flutter-like feeling in her chest from those words but suddenly turned serious.

“Grandma, I'm sorry.” Kumiko almost lost her grip around the cup in her hands, what had she just said? “I'm sorry for releasing my anger on to you when you suffered as much as I did and probably still do, and I'm sorry for being rude to you and treating you disrespectful. You did not deserve it and I feel really bad about it now.” The words just kept flowing out of her mouth and when she had finally finished she couldn't believe what she had just said but the thing that surprised her even more was the fact that she really meant it all.

She had sometimes thought about her and her grandmother's relationship, regretting all the times they had fought but she had always been too proud to tell anyone but now she had finally said it and it felt really good.

They stayed up and talked about pretty much everything and the conversation flowed much easier than before and before they knew it it was already midnight.

“Well, maybe I should get back home. To my place I mean.” She felt a little stupid for talking about going home when technically she already was home.

“Well, how did you get here?” Kumiko asked.

“I borrowed one of Kame's cars. So I'll be driving.” She smiled at her grandmother and stood up from the armchair but for some reason her legs buckled when she tried to walk.

Kumiko managed to catch Tatsuya before she hit the floor and helped her sit down again.

“Tatsuya, you are in no condition to drive tonight, I will just get Rui to drive you home.” Kumiko squeezed her grandchild's shoulder and stood up to get the young driver.

“Grandma, wait.” Tatsuya tried to stand up in order to follow, and stop, her grandmother but it was of no use since her legs were not responding to her at all.

“Sweetheart, I already told you: you are in no condition to drive right now. And besides, Rui won't mind driving...”

“Grandma, I was thinking that maybe I could stay here tonight. I mean, I left work early today so Yamapi would probably kill me if I showed up tomorrow. Unless you don't want me to....”

Kumiko just looked at the young girl in front of her, to say that she was in shock would be a huge understatement. She looked like she had been struck by lightning.

“I-would-love-for-you-to-stay-the-night.-You-can-have-your-old-room-if-you-want-or-the-guest-room-if-it-feels-awkward-being-back-in-the-old-room.” Kumiko spoke so fast Tatsuya could hardly tell what the older woman was talking about, she hadn't seen her this excited in years and the happy look on her grandmother's face brought a fluttering feeling in Tatsuya's chest.

When they had decided that Tatsuya really was going to stay the night Kumiko called for the Mari-chan and five minutes later Tatsuya's old room had been prepared.

Kumiko helped Tatsuya to get up the wide double-stairs with the large portrait of her parents, through the long corridor on the right and in to her room where nothing had changed in the three years that she had been gone.

The room, or more like the suite, was still as impressive as the day that she had left, the walls still had the same warm red color, the large windows still showed her how the moonlight was reflected in the big pond outside. All of her little things were still there: the picture of her and her adoptive brother hugging each other at his graduation was still placed on the left side of the big desk next to the emerald-green and golden music-box that her dad had brought her back from Paris. The picture of her and her mom on one of their picnics in the park still hung on the wall above the queen-size bed and the fairly large painting that her mom had made of Tatsuya and Jin was still framed in the old silver frame and hung above the head of the bed.

Tatsuya could have never imagined that coming back would feel so strange, she only realized now that the only thing that she had brought with her was the clothes on her body and the Ueda family framed photo, the Ueda-family, that at the time, consisted of herself, her adoptive brother Shun, her mom Miki and her father Jean.

Everything else she had left untouched when her brother decided to move to Paris to become a model after their parents deaths and her last supportive pillar disappeared from her life. She hadn't heard from Shun in 18 months but she had seen pictures of him on the net since he had grown pretty famous overseas but she still missed him, her relationship with Shun had been similar to her and Jin's relationship (apart from the sex- and love-stuff) so losing him had been hard to deal with.

“I hope you won't be too uncomfortable in here being back after all this time.” Kumiko said and forced herself to look away from the painting of her grandchild and her old boyfriend that her daughter had painted.

“You don't have to worry about that, grandma. I had to come back sooner or later, right?” The warm smile that Tatsuya sent her made Kumiko happier than she had been for three years and with a smile and a: “Good night, Sweetheart. I'm glad you're back.” She closed the door behind her and let a tear escape her eye.

Tatsuya had finally come home.

[Fanfic] Fight 'til you drop ..... Chapter 11
Tanaka Koki

Title: Fight 'til you drop. Chapter 11
Pairing: RyoDa, JinDa,
Rating: AU, PG-13
Genre: Drama, Romance
Disclaimer: I wish I could say I owned them *wipes tears*
Summary: After the break-up with Ryo Tatsuya tries her best to repair the broken things in her life: her heart and her family. Even though she thinks that the worst is over fate has other challenges and obstacles in store for her along the long road of life.
A/N: In this fic Ueda appears as a girl, just for your information ;)




“Huh? Jinjin's okay again?” Koki asked no one in particular when Tatsuya and Jin joined them again after about fifteen minutes.

Kame finally relaxed his body where he was sitting on the couch. He had gotten really worried about Jin when he realized that there was no way to get through to the thick-sculled man.

“So you're back to normal again?” He asked his friend and the latter nodded with an apologetic smile.

“Yeah... Sorry for worrying you.” He tried to look like he regretted it but a huge grin prevented him from doing so and it was first now Kame realized that Jin and Tatsuya were holding hands. They hadn't done that since....

“Are you guys dating again?!” He blurted out in true Junno-style.

Both Tatsuya and Jin blushed at his conclusion and that gave him the prof he needed. They were dating.

“Really?” Koki bounced up to them and gave them both a HUGE hug when they nodded at his question.

The rest of the day was spent like they usually did: Doing nothing of importance really.

They went to the zoo and spent the most of the day there, mostly because Koki and Junno wanted to, before heading to the game-center to try to cheer up Kame and Maru who had been very disappointed at them for bringing them to the zoo most of the day.

Jin and Tatsuya didn't really mind where they went on that pretty sunny day, to tell the truth they were too happy to care.

“Tat-chan!” A loud voice calling her name brought Tatsuya out of her bliss and she focused her eyes on the person that had called her. Just a few meters ahead stood Tegoshi, waving his arms off, looking very happy to see her.

“Do you know that guy?” Koki asked with his usual gangster-eyes and was about to charge at the kid for calling after his Tatsuya for Tat-chan when Tatsuya managed to stop him at the last second.

“Yeah. He's a friend of mine.” She said smiling and nodded for the guys to follow her when she walked up to him to say hello.

Instead of a “Hello.” she received a huge hug and Tatsuya could almost hear Koki gritting his teeth in jealousy.

When Tegoshi finally let go of her both Tatsuya and Jin noticed Yamapi coming out of one of the stores a little further up the street and Tegoshi ran up to him and threw himself around his neck before dragging him back to Tatsuya and her friends.

“Look who I found, Pi!” Tegoshi grinned at his leader.

Pi looked at Tatsuya with a little smile, he looked really tired. Maybe she should have gone to work after all.

“Are you okay?” Pi asked her while trying to stop Tegoshi from getting any closer to the gangster-looking Koki who obviously hadn't let go of the fact that Tegoshi had just hugged his Tat-chan.

“Yeah, I guess. Thank you for your help the other day by the way.” She didn't know why but she felt a little awkward talking to Pi around her friends and Tegoshi.

“Not a problem, I'm just happy to help.”

“Ne, Tat-chan...” Tegoshi tugged the sleeve of her jacket and looked at her with puppy eyes. “Are you sick?” He looked an awful like Koki and apparently she wasn't the only one who had noticed it because she could hear giggles and chuckles from behind her.

Tatsuya just put her hand on his head and ruffled his hair with a smile. She laughed a little when she noticed the huge pout on Tegoshi's lips but still didn't say anything. She didn't really want to tell them just yet and Kame who had been giggling all the time and took her silence as a sign that she wasn't about to tell Pi and the other guy placed a hand on the smaller guy's shoulder and looked at him with a smile.

“Kid, how old are you?” Tegoshi looked at him a little questioning before answering.


“Hey Koki. I didn't know you had a younger twin.” Maru said and laughed when Koki pouted as well.

“We are nothing alike.” They both said in unison, making Koki fairly annoyed and pouted even more when the guys wouldn't stop laughing at him. He threw himself around Tatsuya's waist to receive some comfort from his princess but as soon as he got there he noticed that the other guy had done the same thing and the two started throwing death-glares at each other while everyone else thought to themselves: “They must have been separated at birth.”.

After prying the two “children” away from each other they decided that they would go to the club and spend the rest of the night there.

At the “Neon Lights” a big crowd of people had already gathered even though the real partying didn't start until 10 pm. Sousuke who was mixing drinks like never before had been very pleased to see Pi again and he welcomed the new guy who, for some strange reason, reminded him of Koki.

“I didn't think you would make it tonight.” He smiled at Tatsuya and gave a drink to one of the people waiting at the bar. “I kept the back room available for you in case you decided to show up.” He reached in under the counter and threw the key to Jin who grabbed it mid-air and together they all went to their usual spot.

The room was cool and the bar was stacked so Tegoshi had no reason not to like it and as soon as he saw the deck of cards on one of the tables he knew that he was in the right place.

He may not have looked like it but he loved to party, he loved to go drinking with his friends and he loved to play poker. It was the one game that he had never lost in, no matter who was the opponent. He sat down and started to play with the deck while looking challenging at the others.

“Anyone care to join me?” He asked with a smirk on his face, he knew there was no way he would lose to these guys.

Koki immediately accepted the challenge and Kame, Maru, Junno and Jin were not late to do so either.

“Tat-chan, aren't you gonna play with me?” He asked but was quickly shushed by the other guys.

“Hey kid, we would like a chance to win too.” Maru said and then looked at Tatsuya with a smile. ”No offense, Hime?” She just laughed at his question and gave him the thumbs up.

“None taken.”

Tegoshi quickly dealt out the cards and after that the game started and both Pi and Tatsuya laughed as they felt how the mood in the room changed from friendly to challenge-mode.

Tatsuya nodded to Pi to sit down in the couch, she had this feeling that he wanted to talk to her even though he hadn't said anything yet.

“Ne, Pi. I'm truly sorry for not coming to work today, I just felt like...” Pi grabbed her hand and squeezed it hard making her stop her apology.

“Don't worry about it. If you're sick you shouldn't come to work.” He sent a sympathetic smile her way making her feel even more guilty for not telling him the real reason for leaving work early.

“Well, I don't know if I'm sick but...” She stopped. She couldn't find the right words to say and so she just shut up.

Pi understood from the silence that Tatsuya was not in a discuss-her-sickness-mode and so, for some odd reason, he decided to bring up the Ryo-subject.

“So....” He leaned back in the couch while looking with pleased eyes towards the loud poker-game. “What's going on with you and Ryo? I tried to talk to him but he just snapped at me.... Not that that is anything unusual but still.” Tatsuya sighed and suddenly one of her blond locks looked very interesting so she started to roll it between her fingers.

“Well, to make a long story short: He cheated on me and we broke up.” She said with an expression-less voice.

“WHAT?!!!” Pi jumped up from the couch and stared at her.

“Pi, sit down again.” She smiled a tired smile at her friend. “It doesn't matter anymore, me and Jin are back together anyway so I don't care about what Ryo does with that Leah-girl.”

“What the hell?! For once I thought he was being s.... Wait, did you just say Leah?” Pi looked at her with a suspicious look.

“Yeah... Why is something wrong?”

“I don't know if I should be telling you this but Ryo has always had a big crush on Leah, ever since the first time they met and up until now it was a one-side-thing only but apparently that changed.” Pi sighed tiredly and placed a hand on his forehead. “I think my head is going to explode soon.” He smiled but it seemed like a sad one to Tatsuya and she placed a hand on his shoulder.

“Ne, Pi. If you ever need to relax you can just call me and you can come and relax at my grandmother's place. We have three swimming-pools, two Jacuzzis and an entire park to relax in.” She smiled as his eyes grew bigger and bigger until they were as big as dinner-plates.


“I understood you came from a rich family but I had no idea you were that rich.”

“Well, we are one of the biggest companies in Japan at the moment. My grandmother started the company from scratch before my mom was born and she's done an amazing job with it.” Suddenly Tatsuya realized how proud she was over her grandmother, she had never thought about it before.

The two kept on talking until they could hear how the music grew louder in the club and with a mischievous smile at Pi Tatsuya jumped up from the couch and ran over to Jin and pulled him away from the nearly-finished pokergame and gave him a peck on the check before whispering something in his ear. The words brought a smile to his face and when Tatsuya turned around and walked out the door he turned the the guys.

“Come on guys. Let's party.” With those words he ran after his girlfriend and the guys were not late in following him.

Out in the club the music was almost deafening, the base was so loud you could feel it in your stomach and the crowded dance-floor was covered in blue, purple and green lights.

Jin just stood there in the crowd looking for Tatsuya when he felt a pair of hands around his waist from behind. He was about to turn around to the person but she pressed her lips against his neck before he could do so and for some reason he immediately knew it was Tatsuya.

He quickly turned around and placed his hands on her swaying hips. Her body moved to the beat of the music and she looked incredible sexy while doing so. With a smirk she grabbed his neck and pulled his body closer to hers, Jin could now feel her movements instead of just seeing them and her flexible body so close to his made him dizzy from excitement. He had waited far too long for this moment, the moment were they would be that close again, the moment were everything but Tatsuya disappeared from his vision....

Jin couldn't hold it anymore and so he pressed their bodies closer together and he could faintly hear a moan from the girl when he grinded their hips together. Tatsuya was pretty much panting in his ear when the songs switched for the third time and Jin couldn't help but wanting to taste those sweet lips of hers again and so he pressed his lips against hers and it didn't take more than a second for her to open her mouth to let him explore the warm cavern.

Tatsuya was the first one to break the kiss to breath some air into her deprived lungs but much to Jin's annoyance she didn't go back to kissing him and just stood there with a mischievous smile on her beautiful lips. He tried to kiss her again but as she was pretty flexible she managed to keep him from getting to close to her.

But Jin had a plan B: The more she backed away from him the closer she got to the wall and the good thing was that she hadn't noticed it yet.

Suddenly she stood there, back against the wall and that beautiful man in front of her trying to steal her lips once again. He leaned in but she grabbed a hold of his hair that stopped him from moving his face any closer and she smirked when she saw the frustration on his face. Without a words she leaned closer and started kissing the corner of his mouth, Jin couldn't help but moan when the kisses turned into licking and soon he felt how his member started growing hard in his jeans. Tatsuya recognized the look in Jin's eyes and she realized that her treatment was giving results. She stopped licking and instead she started to kiss him again, hungry for her lips and tongue again Jin shoved his own tongue in her mouth and kissed her like there was no tomorrow.

Tatsuya's body had never felt hotter, it didn't matter who she was with. No one could make her hotter than Jin could with his tongue and the way he moved his hands all over her body.

Suddenly they heard someone call their names, they broke the kiss and turned around to find Yamapi looking at them with a smile.

“The guys went back to the room, you wanna come?” He yelled in order to be heard over the loud music and with a look at each other Jin and Tatsuya followed Pi back to the room where the guys were waiting. The stepped inside the room only to find Koki and Tegoshi arguing loudly.

“Seriously! Why won't you tell me what's wrong with Tat-chan?” Tegoshi whined in a high-pitched, childish voice.

“I told you already. It's because you don't need to know....” Koki explained in a annoyed voice. “And stop calling my Tat-chan Tat-chan.” Koki's face had changed into the I'm-gonna-kill-this-kid-soon face but that didn't seem to scare Tegoshi.

Your Tat-chan?! Tat-chan belongs to News and she always will.” Tegoshi smirked, he had completely forgotten that he had started the argument not to tease Koki but to find out why Tatsuya had left work the other day.

“What did you just say, you little..... kid?!” Koki was so mad he couldn't find any worse word for this guy, he was so mad his eyes were pretty much on fire but not even that made Tegoshi back down from the discussion. In fact, it seemed to make him more determined to tease his supposed twin and so he decided to try a more “persuasive” approach.

“Ne, Kou-chan...” Tegoshi somehow managed to, no one knows how, throw his arms around Koki's neck and pressed their bodies close with that angelic look on his face. “Do you hate me?” He pouted slightly while bashing his eyelashes and Tatsuya was amazed to see that such a innocent-looking child could make Koki blush like that. Mostly because she knew that Koki was more into older guys.

“Huh?... Well, um...” Koki tried to make Tegoshi let go but failed miserably when he noticed that the latter just tightened his grip around him with a smile.

“Ne, Kou-chan.... If you don't hate me.... Do you like me?” Tegoshi definitely knew what he was doing if Koki's cheeks were supposed to be the judges. They had never been redder, not even that time when he was caught receiving a blowjob at school..... From their English-teacher.

“Well, I don't dislike you but.... Would you mind letting go?” Koki seemed to be a little uncomfortable knowing that those nice-looking, plump lips were only inches away from his and suddenly all the blood that had gathered in his head had quickly rushed down to his “other” head. Tegoshi, who smiled as he felt how the man in his arms grew harder, leaned in and whispered in his ear.

“I want you, Kou-chan, and I can feel very clearly that you want me too.”

The rest of them didn't hear what Tegoshi said but it must have been something very tempting because suddenly Koki's eyes got that drunken dizziness-look even though he hadn't been drinking any.

“Tegoshi, I think you should let go of Koki-kun before he faints from the loss of blood-circulation to his brain.” Yamapi laughed, he had understood from the very beginning that Tegoshi would be attracted to Koki. His kouhai may have looked like a cute angel but he was one hell of a promiscuous angel when he felt like it.

“Ne, Pi-chaaan. Do I have to?” He batted his eyelashes at his leader in an attempt to prolong his time with Koki but it didn't work.

“Yes, now get off.” Pi walked up and pried Tegoshi's arms away from Koki's neck and Koki had use all of his strength not to whimper at the loss of the warm body.

“Well, guys. Why don't you continue the pokergame now.” Tatsuya said with a serious face but you could clearly hear that she was trying to hide the chuckles that were forcing their way up her throat, and since no one dared to disagree with her they all sat down and started to play again but the atmosphere was a bit different from before.

“I'm sorry about that.” Pi said when they sat down on the couch again, this time with Jin next to Tatsuya.

“Don't worry about it, I think Koki rather enjoyed it.” Jin laughed and stuck his tongue out when Koki sent him a death-glare from where he sat next to Tegoshi.

“Tatsuya, are you okay?” He then asked in a worried voice when he realized that she was paler than usual.

Pi also started to worry about her when she just shook her head with a faint smile, she really didn't look healthy and he wondered if it really was good for her to be out with them if she was sick.

Without a word Tatsuya got up from the couch and quickly made her way out of the room with a hand covering her mouth. Pi looked questioning at Jin who motioned for him to come closer, he leaned closer and within a second he heard a low whisper in his ear.

“Tatsuya is pregnant.” Pi felt that his eyes grew bigger than they ever had before and his mouth was so open a bird could easily mistake it for a nest.

“What?” That was the only word he could say. He didn't know what he was supposed to do: Should he congratulate Jin?

Jin leaned in once again.

“Ryo is the father.” Suddenly things seemed to make sense in Pi's brain. That's why she had gone home from work that day and the reason for why she didn't want to talk about Ryo... He threw a look at Tegoshi who just placed a royal flush on the table while receiving whining and grunts from the other players.

“Does Ryo know?” Pi asked back.

“No....” Jin shook his head. “He doesn't and Tatsuya wants to keep it that way if you understand.”

Pi could definitely see why she didn't want Ryo to know after what he had done to her and he showed it by simply nodding his head.

The two fell silent while waiting for Tatsuya to come back but the silence was soon interrupted by a victory-scream from Tegoshi. He had won the whole thing and it appeared, from what both Pi and Jin could see, that the winner wanted his prize.

“Ne, Kou-chan.” Tegoshi turned to Koki with that angelic face and a pleading voice. “Could I have your number as my prize?” He licked his lips a little, it was very discrete but the look in his eyes were anything but innocent when he reached Koki his cellphone.

Koki swallowed a nervous lump in his throat before taking it and saved his number in the bright-purple cellphone. With slightly shaking fingers he gave the phone back to its owner who with a smile stood up and walked up to Tatsuya who had just come back looking like a living person again.

“I'll be going home now, Tat-chan, but please come back to work soon. We miss you very much.” He pouted slightly and Tatsuya ruffled his hair with a smile.

“I'll try to come back as soon as possible.” She smiled at him before he turned around to the rest of the guys.

“Well, I hope I'll see you again soon.” With that he waved at Tatsuya and Pi and left the room.

“Huh, suddenly the room turned rather quiet.” Kame said and leaned back on the chair where he was sitting.

But the newly-found silence didn't last many minutes as it was broken by the message-signal on Koki's phone. He opened it and looked at the screen for a few seconds before quickly standing up with a tense face.

“I'm just gonna.... um.... I'm heading home. Thanks for today.” And with that he rushed out of the room.

“Wonder who that was....” Junno looked at the now closed door as if it would tell him about who sent the message to Koki. Tatsuya on the other hand understood that her little “puppy” had received a message from Tegoshi Yuya, the cute idol who was well aware of the fact that he could even get straight men to turn gay within seconds if he wanted to.

After both Tegoshi and Koki had left the club the funniness-level never really got back on top so they decided that they would split up since it was already past midnight and both Kame, Maru and Pi had to get up early to go to work.

Jin and Tatsuya decided that they would walk back to mansion and at the same time drop follow the other guys home since they all lived along the way.

When they reached the big park not far from the mansion Tatsuya suddenly pulled Jin with her in to the big green area. They ran until they were out of breath and they had reached what Tatsuya had been looking for: A big pond where the moonlight was reflected on the mirror-like surface.

Tatsuya sat down next to it and Jin was not late in joining her.

The chilly wind rustled the reddish leaves on the trees when Tatsuya moved closer to Jin and leaned her head against his strong shoulder.

“Are you cold?” He asked in a soft voice and stroked her long hair.

“No. I'm just happy.” She snuggled into his chest and inhaled his scent. He smelt masculine and yet somehow sweet, she couldn't really explain it but the familiar scent made her feel safe and it filled her heart with warmth.

“Tatsuya...” He cupped her face in his hands and gazed into those beautiful eyes of hers. “I know I'm not perfect. I smoke and I drink. I gamble sometimes and I swear a lot. I don't hang out in the best crowds and I don't really know what I want to do with my life.... But the one thing I'm sure of is that I will never let you go again. I did that once and it's a mistake I will never make again....” He took a deep breath. “I love you, Ueda Tatsuya.... I love you more than life itself and I will never let you slip out of my grasp again. I'm not perfect and I probably never will be but I still need to ask you something. I know it may be sudden but I don't really care because this is what my heart truly feels....”

Tatsuya swallowed the lump in her throat, she wanted to throw herself around his neck but she hadn't even dared to breath in fear that she would distract him so she pushed that thought aside and let him continue.

“Tatsuya, would you do me the honor of staying with me until death do us apart?”

Tatsuya could hardly breath, she just wanted to cry out of pure happiness but instead she raised her hand to stroke Jin's where it still rested on her cheek and with a smile she nodded at him.

“Yes. I would love to.” She could feel the tears in her eyes but she didn't care. She just leaned in and kissed the stunned Akanishi Jin.

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